a team of experts
at your service

Experience, staff efficiency, flexibility, together with our own logistics structure and distribution organization are the added value of our company.

serviCES aT 360°
full service

We take care of the aspects of services at 360°, to deliver a customer tailored solution. We are your business partner: from analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

changes that make a unique product

Customization is one of the key strengths of ATS.
A wide range of differentiators is available to meet different customers’ requirements.

Dedicated colour parts
Logo & brand name personalized
GUI personalization
Customized Covers and Design
Change OF main components
a step ahead

ATS delivers products and services at the highest level of standard . Back in the 1990s ATS was one of the first companies serving the European medical sector to obtain ISO 9001 certification (now ISO 13485), not to mention ISO 45001 certification for its occupational health and safety management system and ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.

anytime, anywhere

ATS runs its own training academy for customers. Technicians from all over the world are trained by ATS, receiving technical and application knowledge to support ATS products.

GLOBAL support

ATS provides technical support for its products throughout their life time, wherever they may be used.

remote support

Connectivity is native to ATS systems, making remote support as easy as can be, whether you need to perform efficiency tests, software upgrades or maintenance.