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For over 30 years, ATS has been present on the Italian and international market with systems for diagnostic imaging with a flat panel. Thanks to a constant market research and a continuously developing of its R&D department, ATS offers a wide range of radiological equipments that meet every diagnostic need.

The research and development laboratories employ 30% of the qualified personnel included in ATS, this underlining the primary importance that the company assigns to research and continuous innovation. Relevance that is supported by important collaborations with the European Community, Universities and Research Institutes.
ATS has always taken care of all phases, from design to marketing, applying since 1990 a Quality System certified ISO : 90101 and CEI EN ISO : 13485. The products meet the highest quality standards to ensure customers the best equipment with excellent performance.

The company is responsible for the equipment from design to installation, ensuring the technical assistance of its products with a highly qualified staff. The Technical Assistance and Customer Care service responds with competence and promptness solving the problems of maintenance both remotely and on site thanks to a specialized tele-assistance service.

To allow its customers to make the best use of the ATS equipment, the company systematically organizes training courses in its laboratories or directly at the customer's site. The training courses are aimed at the medical operators, the Paramedics or technical staff with the need to receive further information on the use of the equipments.



ATS aims to develop, manufacture and market electro-medical equipments that fully meets customer expectations and their needs and does so by performing all inherent activities in compliance with health & safety and environmental standards.

To achieve its goals, the CDT has structured the organisation in such a way that all activities that may affect quality, the environment and the safety of workers and equipment are properly checked and monitored to prevent any anomalies that may compromise product quality, cause accidents or harm the environment.
In accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, a risk analysis is carried out for each factor with the potential to affect the efficiency of the company's activities, together with an analysis of the social, macroeconomic and territorial context.

In order to systematise and structure its organisation, ATS is committed to maintaining an integrated system that conforms to:
• the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2012, ISO 14971:2012 and European Directive 93/42/EEC (amended by European Directive 2007/47/EEC). More specifically, with reference to ISO 13485, the system focuses on customer satisfaction by ensuring that the design and manufacture of the company's medical devices meet their needs, effectively and safely;
• the safety and health requirements set out in standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and the guidelines published by UNI, INAIL and worker/employer representatives;
• the environmental protection requirements set down in standard ISO 14001:2015.

The company is committed to ensuring that all employees recognise and share all the principles and values regarding product quality and excellence, social care, environmental protection and occupational health & safety.


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