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Riviera dR

... a new step in digital radiography

Riviera dR is a complete and highly innovative digital X-ray imaging system using fixed and/or WiFi detectors, compatible with standard X-ray cassette sizes (35x43 and 24x30).

Riviera dR lets you manage your normal work routine a highly efficient manner: a single dR WiFi detector can be used in the Potter-Bucky grid on horizontal table, vertical stand, for lateral or free projections alike, and as easily as cassette radiography. The digital images are sent via the "wireless" network to the acquisition system for immediate previews.

Via Alessandro Volta, 10 - 24060 Torre de Roveri BG ITALIA
Società con socio unico
Tax Code and VAT IT 02037400161 - REA BG n°257164 - Capitale sociale € 63.300 I.V.