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Imaging System

Ideal for digitalizing existing mobile X-ray analogical unit,  for civil emergency applications and for mobile Health Radiology services.

The WiFi detector can also be used in standard bucky unit and remote controlled tables.

Total absence of electro-mechanical interface: 100% wireless connectivity.

HIRIS iRF is a digital X-ray image acquisition and processing system that meets the needs of procedures for dynamic fluoroscopy and fluorography studies.

HIRIS iRF comprises a TV chain with a high-contrast image intensifier, a high-resolution CCD TV camera, a video processor and a high-resolution display.

Image System CD100 is a TV chain consisting of an image intensifier, high-sensitivity CCD TV camera, digital video memory and a LED-LCD monitor.

It allows the viewing of the X-ray images in continuous fluoroscopy.

HIRIS RF43-FL is a dRF digital imaging system  – in both fluoroscopy and radiography modes – using a large flat panel detector, specifically designed for remote controlled R&F and emergency equipment.

It performs real-time X-ray diagnostics of the skeleton, the gastro-intestinal tract and the uro-genital apparatus.

HIRIS RF43 is the digital system that has revolutionized  the radiodiagnostic with remote control table.

HIRIS RF43 is a digital imaging system – in both fluoroscopy and radiography modes – using a large flat panel detector.

HIRIS RF43 performs a wide range of different high resolution X-ray exams at high speed.

Primo and primo R are complete “digital” DR systems that can be incorporated in new fixed X-ray diagnostics systems or added to existing ones requiring updating with Flat Panel detector technology.

Primo is the independent version for an existing X-ray generator (add-on)

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